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Intro to the Interconnection of Crystal Grids and Human Design

Krystle and Nina are coming together for this once in a lifetime opportunity to bring sacred geometry and the connection that runs between a crystal grid and the Human Design bodygraph.

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We are here to support you and help you understand Human Design and Astrology with ease.

It’s time we align to our uniqueness and take our lives to the next level! 

Beginner road map:

(1) Discover your bodygraph with a chart calculator

(2) Learn the basics: Pick up your Free Guide to Your Strategy & Authority

(3) Learn the language of Human Design to understand the basics

(4) Begin experimenting and listen to our educational podcast episodes

(5) Nurture your child through their design to understand the basics of the Energy Types

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View and Motivation will be part of our 5 week intensive coming Spring 2023

(1) Determination - your unique eating style

(2) Cognition - your super sense

(3) Environment - your unique environment and path to success

(4) Join us for our Variable Intensive Spring 2023 (waitlist coming soon!)

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Words Of Love From Past Purchases and Members: 

"I have loved working with Krystle and Leah! The support group has really helped me to take what I have learned and really put it into practice!"

6/3 Self Projected Projector

"Since I discovered human design, I’ve wanted to connect with others to talk about it but couldn’t find this outlet online. The Human Design Support Group has been really valuable to connect with others who are going through their own experiment. The calls are a safe place to hear what different people are working through. Krystle and Leah do a wonderful job at facilitating conversations and connecting the dots. I like that there are opportunities to ask questions in the online group or in the calls because there is a lot to learn!"

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