Intro to the Interconnection of Crystal Grids and Human Design

WHEN: Saturday, December 10, 2022 from 1pm-3pm (please arrive 10 minutes early)

WHERE: Marshall High Studios Studio 101, 115 Blannahassett Island, Marshall, NC 28753

First floor, enter the left set of doors from the parking lot and it is the first studio on the right

TICKETS: In person= $100, Online= $50

MAX participants 15 for in-person

Class is recorded, replay will be sent out after class.

Purchase In-Person Ticket $100
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Have you ever looked at a flower and noticed it's pattern? Or looked at a tree and seen the inter workings of its sacred wisdom from the lines that make them so unique? We also share the same connection in us as humans. Everything in this world is connected!

Krystle and Nina are coming together for this once in a lifetime opportunity to bring sacred geometry and the connection that runs between a crystal grid and the Human Design bodygraph. Bringing these two systems and tools together can unlock parts of your being that have been hidden for quite sometime. These systems and tools are here to support you along your journey through life.

Human Design is a synthesis of quite a few different systems that explains the quantum self. It brings together the unconscious and conscious parts of you. It holds within this system the “key” to YOUR version of success! Adding the additional layer of sacred geometry through crystal grids can “activate” within your system parts of your magic that you have yet to unlock! In this class you are going to learn the importance of sacred geometry and how to tap into your magic! This is a “HANDS-ON” workshop where you will learn the steps to activate a crystal and bodygraph grid, as well as the importance of the two modalities!

What is included in this class?

  • Nina will be discussing the basics inner-workings of crystal grids, how to create one, and a hands-on experience in activating a grid.
  • Krystle will be giving a crash course on Human Design, an understanding on how the chakra system connects to a bodygraph grid, how to set up your own bodygraph grid and how to activate your bodygraph grid at home.
  • Tap into your inner power, live your potential and begin the co-creation process on your spiritual journey with these sacred tools.

  • HANDS-ON crystal grid and body graph grid activation class. You’ll learn the steps on how to set up and activate these grids with a hands-on tutorial

  • Guidebook to use during the day of the event (personalized hand copy for in-person and emailed guidebook for virtual)
  • Water and light snacks for in-person!

What you need to bring to this class:

  • Something to sit on: pillow, small blanket or towel 
  • Notebook/paper & pen/pencil
  • 13 crystals: highly encourage bringing 4 types of gemstones (3 of each kind) plus one 1 larger stone for the center of the grid. Any kind of center stone will be great for learning purposes.
  • Example: Quartz, Jasper, Amethyst, and Citrine. If you only have one of each, this will be fine too.
  • **In-person** in the case you don’t have 13 stones, you can purchase through Nina ahead of time or there will be sets available to purchase at the live event.
  • We highly encourage you purchase the stones ahead of time if you do not have them on hand! You can also gather small items from outside in nature like shells, stones or flowers.
  • Anything that will assist you in being more comfortable.
  • **In Person** Please arrive 10 minutes early
    **Virtual** You will receive an email with a zoom link after registration

This Class is for you if:

  • You are new to crystal grids or Human Design, or if you want to expand your current knowledge
  • You want to learn how crystals can help support you and tap into the metaphysical properties of crystals in you daily life
  • You want to get an introduction to sacred geometry & crystal grids
  • You are interested in an introduction to Human Design and how the chakra system is connected
  • You are looking for inspiration or motivation on how to use grids
  • You want to learn the specific steps to activating both the crystal and HD grid 
  • You're someone who loves a Hands-on experience! You get to practice how to activate grids during class!
Purchase IN-PERSON Ticket $100
Purchase VIRTUAL Ticket $50


The following items are extra tools to support you during this event. They are not a requirement, but can be great tools to expand your understanding!

“Metaphysical Tools” & “Gemstones”

Crystal Grid Stones Set of 12 (Amethyst, Aventurine, Selenite, Ocean Jasper)- $40 

Porcelain Pendulum- $38

Palo Santo Stick- $4

Variety of Porcelain Crystal Grids (10% off after event registration)

To get a special 10% off coupon you must register for this event either in person or virtual. The coupon code will then be sent in your welcome email after you have registered.


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Human Design Basics

In addition to the crash course on Human Design, we also have a beginner self-paced class called “Nurture Your Child Through Their Design.” This is a great class to learn about your children’s Energy Type, as well as your inner child if you are at the beginning of your Human Design journey.

We are also providing a 30% off coupon to pick up “Your User Manual To Your True Self”after you purchase the grid workshop. This is a guided manual that walks you through all of the fundamental key terms of Human Design, and images on what they look like in your chart. You will learn and discover the language of Human Design and how to read your chart. This is a great manual to pick up before or after your class to understand the Human Design bodygraph.

To get 30% off coupon you must register for this event either in person or virtual. The link will then be sent in your welcome email after you have registered.

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Crystals: “The Book of Stones” by Robert Simmons

Crystal Grids: “Crystal Gridwork” by Kierra Fogg, “The Ultimate Guide to Crystal Grids” by Judy Hall

Karen Curry Parker: Understanding Human Design  The New Science of Astrology: Discover Who You Really Are

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Class is recorded, replay will be sent out after class.

Purchase IN-PERSON Ticket $100
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