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"Your Inner Voices" - The Human Design Centers

Our centers in Human Design are our inner voices. The key players to understanding our inner world. They speak to you and teach you all the ways of being human. 
Join us in this episode as we travel through all of the 9 centers and how to understand the wisdom they are here to share with each and everyone of us! 
Pull out your chart and follow along!

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Human Design Aura Types

Have you ever wondered how your energy works? Did you know that each one of us has a unique aura that is the mask that we all present to the world? Our bodies are vehicles moving throughout this material plane. We each have a manual or cosmic blueprint giving us information to thrive instead of survive on this amazing planet! 

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What's your Authority?

Your unique inner compass to help you make correct decisions in life. Each one of our bodies has a certain signal and indicator for us operating correctly. There are seven authorities: Sacral, Splenic, Emotional, Ego, Self Projected/G center, Mental, Lunar/no authority. Let's dive into yours!

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How relationships affect us through Human Design

Relationships are complicated and there will always be work required to keep them alive! In this episode we will dive into some key players in your Human Design chart to help you align to your relationships needs as well as others!

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Guiding Our Children Towards Their Version Of Success

Join Krystle and Leah as they discuss their children’s Designs. They explore ways that they’ve been supporting their kids and nurturing their inner needs to help them reach success. This is a great educational episode on honoring others Designs and regulating your nervous system through the variables. Grab a beverage and join Krystle in her “Kitchen” and watch Leah discover some unique insights through her “Market.”

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Step into your Transformation - Determination: your unique eating style

Determination is the first step to the “Four Transformations” which is your path to your differentiated self. This is a pre-recorded episode from clubhouse where Krystle and Leah discuss what determination is in Human Design. They get into left verses right brain and what their specific “color” is for their specific way of eating. Both Krystle and Leah have been using their Determination to help them accelerate their de-conditioning process

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What's Driving your vehicle? Cognition: Discover your *super sense* 

Have you ever noticed you have one particular sense that is stronger than all of the others? Each one of us carries a cognitive potential within our system that helps us align to our authority. Take a listen as Krystle and Leah discuss what Cognition is and what particular sense that is enhanced within their system!

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Premium Episodes: The Program+

These are premium episodes for the entire month! The matrix is a movie that we get to experience through the mind! Each year, each month, each week and each day the Program reveals a brand new storyline for us to tune into!

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