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Have you been experimenting with your design? Do you need more integration? Would you like to understand more about others charts? 

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Are you ready to dive deeper into the langauge of your Human Design Chart? Do you wish you could have all the terms in one handy guide? Would you like to understand how to read your chart and have visuals to assist you in understanding the key terms?  We have created a Language Manual to help you with that! 

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The Four Transformations

The four transformations take you through the journey of coming back to your body. Starting with your unique eating style, moving to your super sense or cognition, next is your correct environment and the way you view your world. The last step is your motivation that leads you to your purpose. To find your specific variables, go to www.geneticmatrix.com 

Purchase your specific class by clicking below! Be sure you have your correct variables. There are no returns 



  • learn about your unique eating style
  • tips to understand how you take in food and information
  • audio & virtual PDF
  • yours for life!



  • learn how to tune into your body to make correct decisions
  • tips to understand how your body interprets frequency
  • audio & virtual PDF
  • yours for life!
  • BONUS: meditation to guide you through how energy flows through your body 



  • learn how to thrive in your correct environment
  • tips to experiment creating this in your home
  • audio & virtual PDF
  • yours for life!


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