Podcast Premium Episodes: Oct 2022

The Program+ is a more detailed forecast for the entire month. We go through the major players of the month that you will be able to use to your advantage and a potential chance to learn how to hack the matrix. We all have our own “flow” and understanding the storyline of the Cosmos can help you plan for your month so you can take aligned action!

Whats included in your monthly forecast:

  • detailed 60 min audio on the major transits of the month and which days will be the best for you to take aligned action and which you might want to experiment with a rest period
  • 10 page Forecast calendar with the sun, earth gates in Human Design, the moon signs and any other major cosmic shifts that will be important
  • Rituals and altars for NM & FM
  • Reflection questions
  • Tarot pull and the gate it goes with
  • Crystal for NM & FM

There are no refunds on virtual products. Please do not share or copy material purchased. 

 Please contact us at [email protected] if you have questions or concerns

$11.99 USD