$185.99 USD

Environments BUNDLE

Your environment is your storyline. This is the place where you meet the least resistance from your outside world. When you are in your correct environment, you are then able to meet the correct people for you. This is the area where you meet YOUR version of success. This is also a place where you can better support those you love. By getting the bundle, you will be able to learn not just about your own environment, but also about others! 

This bundle mini class might be for you if you are looking to:

  •  accelerate your de-conditioning process 
  •  find more people that are correct for you
  •  create more flow in your home
  •  know more about yourself (looking to understand your environment) and how to interact with more correct people
  • looking to better understand those around you

What you'll get:

  • Integration questions to better understand your environment throughout the class 
  •  digital / printable workbook and space to take notes
  •  six 20 minute audio on your specific environment (you get all 6 classes)

You can environment on geneticmatrix.com or myhumandesign.com at the bottom of the descriptions

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