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foundational education and weekly understanding of the energy that's ever shifting and changing in the world right now, as we move towards a new earth

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On the Human Design +  Astro Club Podcast, you’ll hear:

  • episodes on foundational education like types, authority, centers, and more
  • weekly transit energy updates through the lens of human design, astrology and tarot
  • guest episodes to expand your mind 


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These are some of our recommended episodes:

Join us as we dive into authority, aura type, centers, and so much more!

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Get a deeper understanding of the energy for the week ahead with these weekly updates including New and Full moons!

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Expand with us as we chat with some special solo episodes and guests!

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Meet the minds behind Human Design + Astro Club Podcast

Krystle Kavalsky

Host and human design/akashic records guide

Former make up and hair artist, Krystle guides people all around the world align to their truth, discover their unique gifts and remember the powerful being they came here to be! 

Leah Hutchins

Host and tarot/oracle reader

Former health and wellness coach, Leah is here to guide you to find the answers within you . She is here to help you find your way through blocks and limiting beliefs!

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