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with Krystle & Leah cohosts of the Human Design + Astro Club Podcast

Human Design + Astrology + Tarot


 Have you been feeling like life is just swinging you around and taking you for a loop?

Ever notice you wake up and just feel different all of sudden but you can't quite put your finger on it?! 

It might be the transits! 

The transits are influencing us whether we like it or not. They are playing a major role in the way we experience our lives. They provide us with the undertone of how this energy is influencing our everyday lives, and can help us take aligned action where we might be feeling stuck. 

It is through the neutrino stream that is coming from the stars, imprinting through the planets and carrying these tiny messengers into us that affect the way we think, move and act! 

For the last year, The Human Design + Astro Club has been putting out weekly Program episodes on what the transits are doing and how to make the most out of your week! 

But we wanted to take it to the next level! 

Introducing The Program+. 

These are premium episodes for the entire month!

The matrix is a movie that we get to experience through the mind! Each year, each month, each week and each day the Program reveals a brand new storyline for us to tune into! 

We wanted to help prepare you for each month so you can begin to align to your Design and come into your unique “flow state.” 


This monthly forecast is for you if: 

  • You have been looking to better understand your Design and how to move with the Cosmos!

  • You are looking to better understand the gates, channels, centers, astrological placements & more

  • You are a naturally curious person

  • You're a transit junkie

  • You're a Human Design junkie

  • You're an astrology junkie

  • You're a tarot junkie

  • You are looking to understand the big picture of life & wanting to learn how to make your life easier!


I'm Ready To Purchase This Months Program+!!

What's included in this monthly forecast: 

  • 1+ hour audio where we deep dive with DETAIL into the major players of the month through the lens of Human Design, Astrology & Tarot 

  •  21 page printable monthly forecast calendar that includes every gate in the Sun & Earth for the entire month, the signs in the moon and any major shifts that might occur

  •  Tarot card pull that is connected to a gate in Human Design

  •  New Moon/Full Moon rituals & altar ideas

  • **BRAND NEW** Hand drawn crystal and bodygraph grids for NM and FM rituals!

  • Planet, astrology sign and house placement cheat sheet

  • Crystal suggestions for NM and FM

  • Reflection questions

  •  Notes section to take notes as you listen to the audio so you don't miss any major key players of the month

This is a jam packed audio and monthly forecast calendar guidebook to help you take advantage of your entire month!

Purchase Now!


Below is a blank example of what the forecast calendar and guidebook will look like every month. We will fill in all important dates, times, symbols, astrological placements, gates and more. 

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