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Our goal is to help you understand yourself at a deeper level and empower you to align with your highest potential.

Our Story


Krystle and Leah met on IG. This new relationship started out with Krystle helping Leah learn about her Design and quickly turned into something more! Together they began helping people in ways they would have never thought was possible separately! They quickly realized how powerful their energy was as a team. Together they have created a club on clubhouse, classes, support groups, a Podcast, YouTube and much more in the works! If you have stumbled upon this page or found them through their other platforms…welcome! They cannot wait to connect the dots that uniquely make up you!


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Meet Krystle.


Krystle is a Human Design guide and Intuitive. She is a 1/3 Pure Generator in Human Design. For Astrology she is a Sag sun, rising Capricorn and Aries moon. Krystle found Human Design towards the end of her Saturn Return when she was looking for clarity and direction for her future. She worked at the Kabbalah Centre for 3+ years and learned a great deal about Astrology and the tree of life. So when Human Design bumped into her vehicle, it felt like an old friend that she hadn't heard from in a long time. When the pandemic began she was a working hair and makeup artist. It felt really out of alignment with who she was and what she was here to do. When everything shut down she decided it was time to shut down her business and start anew. That was when she came online and started Journeythroughhd. She began helping people all around the world align to their truth, discover their unique gifts and remember the powerful being they came here to be! 

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Meet Leah.

Leah is a tarot reader and human design guide. She is a 2/4 Splenic Projector in Human Design. In Astrology she is an Aquarius sun, Taurus moon and Libra rising. Leah was in network marketing for over 6 years and personal growth was a daily habit. After finding tarot and her intuitive gifts, she dove deeper in to the spiritual world, eventually finding Human Design. She knew that she was meant to do more than help people with fitness and nutrition, that there was a gap between physical health and the blocks within each of us. Human Design is that the final puzzle piece she needed and she began helping people work through blocks in new ways. In early 2021 she left behind the network marketing hustle and has helped many people unravel years of conditioning to see the answers they needed were inside all a long!

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